A Murakami-esque Day

The Octobers are all about fun experiments. Since I am a huge fan of Haruki Murakami, here’s an idea:

Wake up and pretend for the entire day ahead that you are a protagonist from any one of Murakami’s stories! Let the weariness wash over you, pick up those calls from unknown numbers and be creeped out, boil some pasta, stare and pet a few stray cats, take a stroll and listen to The Beatles all day long. Even then if you don’t feel blue enough somehow (highly unlikely), then start recalling every little thing you may have done wrong in your life, while lying awake at night with The Beatles still playing in the background (of course).

That’s pretty much the introvert’s version of things but if you are too out there, then you can throw some people in the mix too – the strangers with weird hair, pretty eyes and other physical features or personality traits you can spend hours mulling over in your head!

Wow, what an extraordinary day you’d have! 🙂


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