Working Week


I drown

in my morning tea

only to reappear

in my bedtime coffee,

forgetting all about

the sandwich from supper.


I leave the stove on

in my daydreams

and snap out of them

feeling like a puddle.


I was supposed to go insane

by the middle of this week

but here I am,

living for the weekend

and still making sense.


My mindlessness

is the next best thing

to my mindfulness

and this scares me.


One cannot get happy once

and bask in that joy forever

but this moment right here

is enough for a lifetime,

or at least for the next two days.


Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

5 thoughts on “Working Week

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  1. Liked the week you presented succinctly …incredible how one can grow gills while drowning in morning tea, but be a fish out of water who’s into the coffee of night, mindless without a sandwich to hold the week. Under the bread of Tuesday, the meat of a daydream goes uneaten, and yet Wednesday doesn’t storm as much as drizzle a few drops of expectation for the weekend and Thursday has no name except the day before joy day and the weekend.

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