Five Little Things I Know Now

I know now that to get by

you should have questions

but none of those nagging questions

should begin with a why.

I know now that to get through

to someone who believes that you

are not worth listening to,

you have to believe that they aren’t too.

I know now that those

who only show you their tears,

could be seen laughing with the ones

they actually hold close.

I know now that to sleep

even a little at night

you should part ways with the memories

you do not want to keep.

I know now that to freely breathe in

the air outside your windows

you have to learn to make peace

with the stagnant air within.

It is time to buy another planner to put atop the other empty planners on my desk.

May you find countless reasons to smile in 2021.

Happy New Year!



I used to love yearly round-ups. The “top-tens” of literally everything. I’d listen to those over the radio and would be glued to the television screen on the new year’s eve to watch the shows featuring such lists. I no longer am a huge fan of those but I feel like making lists of all the fun things that I have done this year. They’ll probably fall under three categories apart from that one big list of “Twenty Little Things of Beauty”, which I am finding quite difficult to compose this time around, unlike the last year. Anyway, I am sharing the list of top-ten movies and TV shows that I have watched this year (these weren’t the latest releases but I had watched them for the first time this year). Since I know how boring such lists are for many people, therefore, I shall try to keep mine as brief as possible:

10. Glee (TV Show)

I have discovered some really good music through this show.

9. Bandersnatch- Black Mirror (TV Show)

I liked the concept of an interactive TV show.

8. Instant Family (Movie)

It was sweet and fun to watch.

7. The Fundamentals of Caring (Movie)

I like road trip movies in general and this was a funny one.

6. Clueless (Movie)

Finally found out what the hype was all about!

5. The Haunting of Hill House (TV Show)

I had finished the entire series in one day. Pretty good scares!

4. The Umbrella Academy (TV Show)

I loved the second season more than the first one because it was funnier and the characters had more depth.

3. I am Thinking of Ending Things (Movie)

This movie was something else altogether. It messed me up. In a good way somehow.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV Show)

This show has become for me what Friends is for so many people.

1. Room (Movie)

I couldn’t stop thinking about this movie for days. I had immediately placed the request for the book it is based on at my local bookstore. Hauntingly beautiful!

Happy Celebrations, everyone! May you and your loved ones stay safe. 😊


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One of Those Days

I thought it was going

to be one of those mornings—

I woke up late, missed the bus,

panicked and made such a fuss,

forgetting that it was Saturday.

I thought it was going

to be one of those evenings—

I took a stroll around the block,

tripped and one of my shoes came off,

putting my Harry Potter sock on display.

I think it is going

to be one of those nights—

I have Hoobastank’s The Reason

on replay and the dawn

seems to be years away.


Photo by Cliford Mervil from Pexels

Another Way to Live

I could live paycheck to paycheck

and that would just be swell

but I have chosen to live

from one liberating feeling to another

that I can never foretell,

in spite of it I like to believe

that I am doing pretty well.


Faith in Humanity

I have known

some truly horrible souls,

but I have also met

the likes of those

who had stopped

having their own backs

when they saw how tactless

their spines had become,

and maybe these

are the people

keeping our time-worn

universe afloat.



Can we use air quotes

as substitutes for real hugs,

now that we can safely smile

our half-baked smiles as we nod

our way out of handshakes?


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