I miss being crafty even though I was never a craftswoman! I used to paint horribly, sew terrible clothes for my dolls, and was knee-deep in loud, DIY friendship-bracelets craze back in the day. When I chose to pursue science, however, the artsy-craftsy side of me happily locked itself in a box. I have the key to that box, but I am not sure it would do any good to open it now!

I quench my artistic thirst by using coloured pencils to highlight the text in my books, and by grading my students’ response sheets with a red pen.

Sometime ago, I turned one of my posts into this desk-calendar, post-it notes kind of thing by using a free template from a graphic design website, and that had been the most crafty thing I had done in ages.

With that being said (and shared), I’d like to add that I am utterly grateful to be able to appreciate art, and to follow a lot of great artists here and on other social media platforms. Looking at paintings and beautiful photographs is one of the highlights of my day – enough to pleasantly rattle the old, locked box! 😂

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  1. This is relatable. I used to create some very horrible drawings too until my dedication to my studies put an end to that. Now that I’m employed and actual have some free time, I’ve resumed creating horrible sketches. But I can’t seem to find any of my crayons or sketch pens!

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    1. I remember having crayons and watercolours, but the variety of art and craft material available these days is pretty awesome.😊 I hope you’d get back to sketching, and find yourself to be a lot better than you think you are. 😊

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