Those We Knew

As we grow older, losing friends becomes inevitable because we are people after all and that is what we do. We lose each other.


I think I am greater

than the sum of my parts

but I am not sure what that entails.

There is nothing like a quiet

afternoon in the Fall

but you already know the details.

Orange is your colour

and I remember telling you that

in one of my protracted emails.


You abandoned all pretense

at politeness and told me

to take you out of my second-rate art.

I erased a few dozen words,

emptied out the sent items folder

and that seemed like only a start.

There is a hole where the world

used to make sense before

but now everything has fallen apart.


Photo by Maizal Najmi from Pexels

11 thoughts on “Those We Knew

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  1. pretense is a tiring façade, and it’s hard to save face on the fantasy bits and bytes of a computer whose dots make pictures of friendships that never actually existed in the flesh unless orange is more than a burnt out leaf that has fallen into a winter where the mistletoe that clings to a leafless tree has no customers below it.

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  2. As the years pass, you may not stay in touch so frequently but it has been my experience that true bonds do last. Even if you don’t speak to each other every day, when you do speak, you feel as if there had been no break in contact at all. This has been my experience so far. I’m still in touch with my entire school gang and college gang too

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    1. That’s great, Shweta! 👍 It’s good to have people in your life you feel connected to, and with those you can always pick up where you’d left off. 😊


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