Two short poems:


I am glad

that there are

things that money

cannot buy;

what if we

could buy memories?

some of us

wouldn’t have many;

not the ones

that would last anyway!


I try to imagine you away

but you are too real

so there you stay;

it is awfully nice

in my rabbit hole anyway.


β€œThe only problem with seeing people you know is that they know you.”
Brent Runyon, The Burn Journals

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

22 thoughts on “Introversion

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  1. That is an interesting thought! Buying memories. Like on the market. What memory will I get today? The one in the apple orchard, autumn, the late sun paints the fruit in a yet unseen warmth, when I kiss your face your eyes become juice? Or: I hear your laughter in the other room, your book, the movie you are watching, mayby just a glimpse of a childhood moment, playing in the park, a duck calls for her chicks? Would that be possible? And what would be the cost?

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