Patched Up

I feel as if the universe

Is trying to reassemble me;

Every morning it takes

The weariness out of my bones

And puts it into words

I dare not say aloud,

My appetite for things

I am not supposed to eat

Is being satiated by

Everything that ends up

Consuming me instead,

My life is ever so slightly

Being infused with a hint

Of healthy indifference,

And I believe that

It is more than what I

Could have asked for.

It is not easy to

Put your broken self together

If the universe decides

Not to be on your side!


Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Stephen King

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  1. The definition of the word “relatable”: pretty much any poem you write. This rings true with me in so many ways, and your dexterous use of metaphor is brilliant in conveying some thoughtful truths. The last four lines stand out especially for me. You’re an immensely talented poet, Aaysid. πŸ™‚

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