Poles Apart


we do not have a common narrative;

when my world was upside down,

yours was the right way up,

and what was left was not all right!


My every little thought

gets bigger, goes berserk,

and dies.

Your every small gesture

gets noticed, goes places,

and multiplies.

My every sombre word

gets mumbled, goes awry,

and dies.

Your every feeble idea

gets better, goes viral,

and multiplies.


I apologise

For apologising

All the time;

You apologise

For me not

Apologising enough.


“Little Alice fell down the hole, bumped her head and bruised her soul.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Featured image from Pexels

22 thoughts on “Poles Apart

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  1. I love these collections of yours Aaysid. There’s always something there I can relate to, and your personal style of writing is so refreshing and deep. I look forward to these. Brilliant words. 🙂

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