How can we be the same person?

I ask myself that

At least four times a week,

For I have never woken up

With wet sand in my shoes,

I have never fallen asleep

With shoes on my feet,

I have never transitioned

From sleep to wakefulness

Peacefully enough to care

About the state of my feet,

And strangely enough,

I have never been to the beach!


“The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.”
George Carlin

Featured image from Pixabay

23 thoughts on “Asynchronised

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  1. Funny George – a most fitting quote! You know how to pick quotes Aaysid. They always complement your poems so perfectly. Abstract, creative, and thought-provoking writing. 🤔 Your signature style! Your engaging poem made me think about many things. One thought being the symbolism of feet. An enjoyable read!

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  2. “How can we be the same person?” Jeez, I seem to ask myself this question every time I look in the mirror. Hindsight can certainly reveal many different sides of a person, hopes and dreams and fears we had that we no longer espouse, personality quirks that are no longer there, and if we live long enough, perhaps we’ll reach the point where we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore. Carlin’s quote is a good one (he had a lot of good ones). I like this poem. It has such a distinct personality about it. Michele said it best–it’s your signature style. Amazing as always, Aaysid. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Mike. I hope there’d be a day when we shall no longer have to seek an answer to that nagging question and shall be at peace with whoever we’ll be in that moment. 😊

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