Dedicated to my hardworking and selfless mother, and to all the mothers like her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, motherly sisters, motherly fathers, and to anyone who’s like a mother to someone! 😊❤

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  1. Goodness, Aaysid…this is gorgeous writing, so emotionally deep and poignant. I remember my mom doing similar things in the kitchen as she went on about what she watched on TV or some book she’s recently read. She had a constant smile, and I remember her hands covered with flour as she made homemade cinnamon rolls, or peeling potatoes for homemade stew. It was just as you said–her hands had a mind of their own and knew instinctively what to do. Man, this poem resonates so much. She’s been gone for seven years now. I hope your mom has a wonderful Mother’s Day. Thank you for this gift of verse. I has deep meaning for me. 🙂

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