Isn’t That Write?

Three micropoems:


Tonight I shall write

Like never before,

With my left hand,

And my right brain,

To make even less sense

Than I did before!


How can you hope

To be written into

Someone else’s story

When you are

Unwittngly writing

Yourself out of

Your own little tale?


We used to read

Because we

Could not write;

We would then read,

Because we

Wanted to write;

We read now,

Because we

Write too much!


“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”
Jack Kerouac

Featured image from Pexels


18 thoughts on “Isn’t That Write?

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  1. I seem to have a different way of writing to others. Don’t know why? Yes I do, but that’s another story……….

    I am the little ‘writer/
    That you can see above/
    Many fingers tapped on me/
    Tapped away with love///

    My pads you see are fading/
    I’ve reached the end of life/
    I’m now in hibernation/
    In antique shop for life////

    tap tap tap ta ta ta t t t ……..

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  2. That’s interesting. I didn’t think the lines would come out separate hence the slash. Oh well. You can just add a little slish slash…eg

    I am the little โ€˜writer(slash)
    That you can see above (slash)
    Now let me use it’s bruvver …

    hey? where’s my backwood slash = bruvver slish?


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