I am enamoured of

the eerie silence

that follows

the booming fireworks,

the vacant grounds

after the carnival leaves,

and the phone call

that meekly ends

after a silent pause;

it always comes

as a pleasant surprise

when the loud world

hushes up

for the innately quiet.


“When you are crazy you learn to keep quiet.”

Philip K. Dick

Featured image from Pexels


19 thoughts on “Quiet

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  1. “The innately quiet…” Yep, I get this, absolutely. As a pretty extreme introvert, I’m incredibly quiet in real-life. I, too, love the stillness the follows noise and bluster. It’s then when things reset and settle down again. You’re not only an amazing poet, Aaysid, you also appear to be a mind-reader at times! This is a wonderful, meaningful poem and I really identify with it. 🙂

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