I feel as if

I am not here anymore,

I am but a hole

In the space

That I used to

Occupy before,

And when a part of me

Feels around for

The rest of my being

In the great oblivion,

It finds nothing

To hold on to except

For profound nothingness—

I cannot complain.


“Anything can happen in life, especially nothing.”
Michel Houellebecq

Free image from Pixabay


23 thoughts on “Fading

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  1. Profound nothingness— ✨ you are in good company when you find profound nothingness. Wow! Love this.

    Because nothingness is BE-ing emptiness and when one is empty one can grasp a lot and grow

    A wonderful poem. So deep. Loved

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  2. I have also written a poem about this Hole you’re describing. I hope you find the strength in yourself to climb out of it, follow the light.

    Ps: discovered you via Instagram, you’re an amazing poet 💛

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