I keep it hidden

In the folds of sleep,

For I do not know

Where else to keep

A feeling this fraught

That it falls in a heap

If you dare speak

About it when you are deep

In throes of reality—

Most dreams make sense

Only when we are asleep!


“Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable.”
Albert Camus

Featured image from Pexels


23 thoughts on “Muddled

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  1. Ahh, Camus… I probably shouldn’t like his writing as much as I do, but I do like it quite a bit and there you go. 🙂

    What a nice end to a wonderful piece. I have learned to accept that about dreams.

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  2. The last two lines are so true. I’ve had some incredibly cool dreams, but once I awoke I realized they were actually sort of stupid! 😀 Only in sleep do they make sense. The Camus quote is interesting–I’ve never read his work but maybe I should give it a go. It’s always a delight to read your work, Aaysid. 🙂

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