I bet the mitochondria

inside the cells in my brain

are probably the only things

that make the most sense

in an otherwise imprudent,

awry, and capricious head

since the miniscule,

circular DNA in there

is purely my mother’s,

and I am grateful for that,

but I wish I was more like her-

composed and perceptive,

even though my heart does

break a little

every time I look in the mirror

and the all too familiar

worry lines on a face,

that looks quite like my mother’s,

stare right back at me;

I hope it is a good thing, too.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, motherly sisters, motherly fathers, and to anyone who’s like a mother to someone! 😊❤

My previous posts dedicated to mothers can be found here and here.😊

Featured image from Pexels


22 thoughts on “Legacy

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  1. This is beautiful. And seeing our mothers in the mirror is part of everything else. That’s the outside though. The soul is all us!
    This is a beautiful poem for today. Thanks for sharing it. Xoxo

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