I feel bad for the weeds

that had to make way

for the roses;

I miss the earthy, folksy

fragrance they’d release

into the morning air,

the occasional

dandelions amidst

a green disarray

with their utter disregard

for the aesthetic,

and their resolve

to take roots

in places where

they shouldn’t have

found themselves

to begin with,

a solemn beauty,

subtle and fierce

at the same time—

just a few things

that the roses,

with their obvious charm,

know nothing about.


“The beautiful is always bizarre.”
Charles Baudelaire

Featured image from Pexels


12 thoughts on “Weeds

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  1. Gorgeous words, beautifully written, Aaysid. I can so identify with the weeds; to me, they have always been far more important (especially to nature) than a show of brightly coloured and cultivated blooms. I’ve always felt like a weed amongst the flowers – always different to everyone else, even going back to my primary school days. I love the photo you have used with this post of white clover in the grass – I have a lot of this in my grass in my garden. Red clover is rather beautiful, too, and I have some of this, also. Xx 🌼💞

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