the things that you see

in your daymares are even worse

than the ones

in your nightmares at times,

if not outrightly

then in the grand scheme of things.

beaded scarves, raindrop earrings,

and stiletto heels that look

regal in the silver moonlight;

I am scared of anything

that costs more than I make,

I am terrified of anything

that can outlast me.


Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

Off to a Wrong Start

The first (in)sane thought

that takes form in my head

when I am half-awake

in the morning,

and smear jam

on the burnt bread,

is that of it being the night,

and I being back in my bed-

comfy, stretched-out,

tranquil and overfed,

and dreaming about the things

from the book

that I would have read,

before slipping out,

leaving all my worries

for the dead…

My productivity for such days

always hangs by a thread.


Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

Following Suit

Whenever I get to know someone who seems to be everything that this world is not, I cannot help but wish to get to know their mom as well.

It is the selfless way you move

Through this unkind world

That says about the kind of woman

Your mother must have been;

Someone who engulfed flames,

But refused to sip on waterfalls

Until you had rivers of your own

Flowing through your backyard!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, motherly sisters, motherly fathers, and to anyone who’s like a mother to someone! Your ability to love selflessly is one of the few things that make the world go round.



Today on an online store application, I was greeted by an insanely-pink banner that had read, “You come first! Buy yourself something special this month.” I don’t know why, but it had made me sad. Maybe because it had seemed like an exploitative marketing strategy!

I find the concept of self-love/self-care a little unsettling. It is one thing to prioritise our mental and physical well-being, and accept ourselves for who we are, but the entire concept becomes this completely messy thing when in the name of self-love, we start spoiling ourselves and begin succumbing to narcissism. The world is already full of such people, there’s absolutely no need for more.

I think when it comes to self-love, it is wise to set boundaries, because of the way things are at the moment, more and more people are becoming intolerant, cannot stomach even the constructive criticism, and are becoming materialistic. By inhabiting our personal full-of-love bubbles, we do not feel like giving anyone a chance anymore. This does not seem right.

So if I see a banner somewhere that reads something like this,

“Hey there! Please use this month as an excuse to buy something special for someone you have not made contact with and surprise them by letting them know that you still think about them,”

I would be happy to oblige. 🙂

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

What Your Heart Wants

Just imagine being on this floating rock in space,

With breathable air and spendable money,

But not being able to say a thing;

Not being able to communicate

About waterfalls and chocolates,

And other things of beauty

Worth marveling at,

And not being able to tell

What your heart wants.

Just imagine being on this sphere amongst the stars,

With palatable greens and treadable lands

But not being able to hear a thing;

Not being able to lend an ear

To ocean waves and thunderstorms,

And other sounds of nature

Worth falling for,

And not being able to listen to

What your heart wants.

Just imagine being here on this orb in heavens,

With squishable joy and palpable grief,

But not being able to feel a thing;

Not being able to sense

Cold air and warm sunshine,

And other fine textures

Worth taking in,

And not being able to make out

What your heart wants.


Photo by stein egil liland from Pexels


She had resorted

to muting conversations

right where they’d become

all about the people

who were not

the ones making them,

and now she cannot recall

the last time

she was talked to.


Not Real

I thought there was fire

In at least one of our hearts

Even though there never was smoke.

We kept seeing things

That weren’t really there

And hearing words nobody even spoke.

Then you said that I

Was like one of the charms

That had fallen from your bracelet and broke.


Photo by Ellis Mbeku from Pexels


It sometimes rains

inside my brain,

falls hard and strong

and lasts for days,

but when it ends

is when I get

something that makes it

worth the pain;

too many puddles

that I can jump in,

over and over

and all over again.


Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez from Pexels

Five Little Things I Know Now

I know now that to get by

you should have questions

but none of those nagging questions

should begin with a why.

I know now that to get through

to someone who believes that you

are not worth listening to,

you have to believe that they aren’t too.

I know now that those

who only show you their tears,

could be seen laughing with the ones

they actually hold close.

I know now that to sleep

even a little at night

you should part ways with the memories

you do not want to keep.

I know now that to freely breathe in

the air outside your windows

you have to learn to make peace

with the stagnant air within.

It is time to buy another planner to put atop the other empty planners on my desk.

May you find countless reasons to smile in 2021.

Happy New Year!


One of Those Days

I thought it was going

to be one of those mornings—

I woke up late, missed the bus,

panicked and made such a fuss,

forgetting that it was Saturday.

I thought it was going

to be one of those evenings—

I took a stroll around the block,

tripped and one of my shoes came off,

putting my Harry Potter sock on display.

I think it is going

to be one of those nights—

I have Hoobastank’s The Reason

on replay and the dawn

seems to be years away.


Photo by Cliford Mervil from Pexels

Another Way to Live

I could live paycheck to paycheck

and that would just be swell

but I have chosen to live

from one liberating feeling to another

that I can never foretell,

in spite of it I like to believe

that I am doing pretty well.


Faith in Humanity

I have known

some truly horrible souls,

but I have also met

the likes of those

who had stopped

having their own backs

when they saw how tactless

their spines had become,

and maybe these

are the people

keeping our time-worn

universe afloat.



Can we use air quotes

as substitutes for real hugs,

now that we can safely smile

our half-baked smiles as we nod

our way out of handshakes?


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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